[MAJ 2]Cemu 1.5.3 : Emulateur Wii U pour PC !

Cemu, l'émulateur Wii U pour ordinateur se met encore à jour pour ses changements réguliers...

Version 1.5.3
Added support for anisotropic filtering
Added support for sRGB color space
Added button mapping to simulate 'Microphone blow'
Improved recompiler robustness
Fixed some bugs/crashes

Version 1.5.2
Added support for mip-mapping
Added support for cubemap texture arrays
Various smaller improvements to the graphics backend
Slightly better compatibility and misc changes

Version 1.5.1
Improved recompiler (Now utilizes AVX and BMI extension)
Better controller support
Improved sound emulation
Graphic bugfixes
Other changes and bugfixes

Version 1.5.0
New enhanced controller configuration menu and emulation
Improved shader emulation and graphic bugfixes
Improved sound emulation
Reduced VRAM usage
Small bugfixes and changes

Télécharger Cemu 1.5.3 : Emulateur Wii U pour PC !Télécharger Cemu 1.5.3 : Emulateur Wii U pour PC !

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