Wiiflow 4.1 rev436 : USB/SD Loader

Wiiflow est un Loader qui vous permet de lire vos backups de jeux Wii sur périphériques USB (disque dur ou clé) ou carte SD/SDHC aux formats WBFS/NTFS/FAT32.


- Traduit dans plus de 22 langues.
- Redirection des sauvegardes de jeux Wii vers l'USB à partir des révisions 416.
- Mise en cache complète de la liste des jeux, pour permettre une très large liste de de plusieurs milliers de jeux en 2 ou 3 secondes.
- Possibilité de jouer le format THP des animations d'intro de chaque jeu.
- Plusieurs fichiers audio peuvent être joués, incluant le mp3, wad, bns, mod, s3m et ogg.
- Émulation de NAND supportée pour les chaines, VC et WiiWare

Wiiflow 4.1 (r436)
This time you dont just get bugfixes, also some cool new features and modifcations are there :)
At first, you have a new menu in the global settings, page 2, now you can set the cIOS load management directly in wiiflow, so if wiiflow runs better in a cIOS, just enable force cIOS load, or if you want the default cIOS 250 instead of 249, just set the force cIOS rev to 250 etc.
Wiiflow will now also auto create a savegame on your wii, and yes, a normal savegame which you can see in the system menu, there we save our new cIOS stuff from now on, and in the future we will for sure move more into that since the NAND loading time is much shorter!
Also, the credits button in the main coverflow is replaced by the help button (makes much more sense), and the help button in the home menu is replaced by a install game button.
To the game installation, finally you can directly select the partition from now on where you want to install the game, no need to go into global settings anymore and set the partition there to something else :)
Also we now have full vWii compatility, the forwarder is updated, using my new nand loader, and d2x works again, using my new installer and davebaols updated cIOS sources.
The stupid shutdown bug should be fixed now lol, as well as all NAND emulation bugs from SD card. Most network init bugs should be fixed now too, if you still have some play around with the "async_network" option in your wiiflow.ini a bit, for some people its better with and for some better without.
If you dont want to use the sd card to make debug logs may use the wifi gecko option, its much better and more detailed now in the debug output, even more than the sd card log! You can use the wifi gecko reader as always, see the readme in it.
The categories menu is now also affected by parental lock, so nothing bad can happen there anymore. Also if you select a partition for a plugin, it will be saved specifically for that plugin, that means easier plugin partition management. Last may important point is wiiflow now can load homebrew dols and elfs up to 32mb, old limit was 16mb.
I wont mention all the other cleanups, bugfixes and whatever done in this rev, but all that stuff should be reason enough to call it 4.1, have fun with this rev guys :)

Wiiflow 4.0.5 (r435)
Here is 4.0.5, and again it focuses on bugfixing, the bugs introduced with 4.0.3 are just too critical and still not fully fixed, I hope this time we have found the most annoying ones :)
In short that revision fixes more memory leaks, hopefully fixes all the device mounting issues your guys had, also plugins should display correctly now, not with the half of it missing, booting gamecube games in neek hopefully works now, wiiflow should basically run in wiiu wii mode (you cannot boot wii or gamecube games yet, channels homebrew and plugins work), added support for the new homebrew channel 1.1.1 and newer, wiiflow will automatically reload the cache if a new version is found from now on to prevent bugs or missing games, the general boot method changed from everything wiiflow can boot, that is a bit cleaner, you shouldn't notice any noticable difference though, its more in the code, also
I've added a battery bar so you can actually see the power level of your wiimotes, you can find it in the home menu, the debug messages should be cleaner and more detailed now, also the wifi gecko is improved, it should be at least as good as the sd gecko now, still it cannot print as much as the usb gecko.
Yea, that should be everything important for now, we will see us with the next release again, wiiflow is not dead just because of the wiiu, its wii mode can play wiiflow perfectly fine so I wont forget working on it if anybody thought that :P

Forwarder officiel inclus dans l'archive.

http://gbatemp.net/topic/204106-wiiflow-an-open-source-gui-usb-loader/Topic officiel US : http://gbatemp.net/topic/204106-wiiflow-an-open-source-gui-usb-loader/
http://code.google.com/p/wiiflow/Site officiel : http://code.google.com/p/wiiflow/

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