U-Paint v2.0: Outil de dessin

U-Paint est un homebrew par brienj pour firmwares 5.5.x et 5.3.2 permettant de dessiner sur Wii U.

U-Paint v1.0 for 5.5.x / 5.3.2 firmware by brienj

Access the .bin (5.5.x and 5.3.2) file on your server using Yellow's exploit in the Wii U browser, or download the .mp4 (5.5.x only) from your server in your Wii U browser.

Touchpad - Use the stylus or your finger in the top-left area to draw on the controller screen and TV, select colors in the right-hand area
B Button - Round Brush
A Button - Square Brush
Y Button - Zoom Out
X Button - Zoom In
D-Pad - Move controller screen in relation to TV screen when zoomed in
Minus Button - Decrease Brush Size
Plus Button - Increase Brush Size
R Shoulder Button - Erase what is on the controller screen (actually paints it with the background color which you can't change YET)
Home Button - Exit

The current RGBA value, brush size, and zoom level are listed in the lower-right area of the controller screen. You can only select the primary colors for now. Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Grey, and White, which is your background color.

Remember that everything you see on the controller screen is a representation of the actual FULL picture which is on the TV. When you are zoomed out to full-screen on the controller, you are only seeing half of the actual picture that is on the TV. When you are zoomed in once, the pixels are identical, and when you are zoomed in all the way, you have double sized pixels from the TV on the controller screen. Until I get a better method, for now you will see the highest RGBA value from each of the four pixels on the TV in that area when you are zoomed out all the way.

Planned to be added:
Left/Right Stick for window movement and zoom
Ability to customize colors
Brush size preview
Make use of the bottom-left area of the controller screen for menu items
??? - Design a brush
??? - Show window placement on TV (haven't got it quite working right yet)
??? - Zoom level from 1 - 4, but using float values for a wider range

Vous pouvez télécharger vous même les fichiers et utiliser les .bin (5.5.x et 5.3.2) avec les fichiers d'exploits de Yellow, ou bien utiliser le fichier MP4 (5.5.x seulement), ou bien simplement aller aux adresses suivantes depuis le navigateur Wii U pour lancer U Paint :
5.5.x: http://www.wiiubru.com/55/upaint/upaint.mp4
5.3.2: http://www.wiiubru.com/532/upaint/

https://gbatemp.net/threads/u-paint-v1-0-homebrew-release.414918/Site officiel : https://gbatemp.net/threads/u-paint-v1-0-homebrew-release.414918/


Identifiez vous pour télécharger les fichiers.

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